Transfer a Self-Invested Personal Pension

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Transfer a Self-Invested Personal Pension to Pello Capital. It only takes 2 minutes to fill in the application.

What you need to have to hand

  • Name of your SIPP
  • The approximate value of your SIPP
  • Your account reference. This could also be called a client ID or reference number.

By transferring to Pello Capital, you agree to our terms, so please make sure you’ve read and understood our: Key Facts & Charges (PDF), and investment risks. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We specialise in providing investment opportunities from a range of issuers.

We don’t just provide exclusive investments to Pello customers but embrace a network of introducers from the likes of JP Morgan to smaller boutique investments houses.

What you can transfer

  • Funds
  • UK and overseas shares
  • Corporate and government bonds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Investment Trusts
  • VCTs
  • Share certificates


0.5 and 1.75%
trade commission per UK share deal

Pello Charges

See all your investments in one, secure place, 24/7, online. If you prefer a person, our Lodon-based trading desk is here for you.

It only costs £5 a month to have a fully qualified stockbroker on hand to deal and give investment advice. Share dealing costs a maximum of 1.75% per UK deal.

If you invest £10,000 the maximum trade commission would be £175

Share dealing

A low cost, flexible account that lets you buy, sell and hold your investments. You can open an account online in minutes and access a multitude of UK listed investments including shares, bonds and ETF’s.


Investment the way you want it.

Tax-free returns for up to £20,000 contribution with all the benefits of our general account.


At Pello Capital, we know that planning for the future is important for our clients. We provide SIPPs for clients who wish to control the investments that make-up their pension plan, and future income.

Pello gets you access to many IPOs and placings that ordinary private investors cannot access. I am informed of all up and coming placings and then kept in touch with news, price movements(literally as they happen) and selling opportunities - an excellent service all round.

Mr. Thomas

How to transfer

When you transfer you can choose whether you'd like to keep your investments, or sell them and invest the cash again later.

Transfer as is: We'll move your investments and any cash exactly as they are. During the transfer you won't be able to buy or sell investments.

Sell investments, then transfer: We'll ask your provider to sell your investments, then transfer the cash. You won't lose or gain from market changes until you're invested again.

I want to transfer a Self-Invested Personal Pension to Pello Capital

Complete our 60 second form and we'll arrange the transfer for you.


At Pello Capital we believe in sticking to what you know best. Therefore, we do not provide custody for our clients assets. We use Jarvis Investment Management; a regulated third party to hold you assets securely and externally from Pello.


We specialise in providing investment opportunities from a range of issuers. We don’t just provide exclusive investments to Pello customers but embrace a network of introducers from the likes of JP Morgan to smaller boutique investments houses.


Invest your money how you like. We offer a range of investment options from General Investment Accounts to tax efficient SIPP’s and ISA’s.


We focus on servicing our customers first. For that reason, Pello Capital does not invest its own funds. We believe in managing conflicts, transparency and building a sustainable and trusted brand.

Pello Capital Limited offers investments and services to clients, which are primarily considered to be high risk investments. Some investments such as contracts for difference use leverage which can magnify gains but equally can magnify losses. Leveraged products may lose investors more than the amount they initially invested. This website is provided for information purposes only. It is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security, nor enter into any agreement or contract with Pello Capital Limited. All information provided is indicative and subject to market conditions and availability. Not all financial products are suitable for all investors. Before entering into any transaction you should ensure that you understand and have made an independent assessment of the suitability and appropriateness of the transaction into which you are entering and the nature and extent of your exposure to risk of loss in light of your own objectives, financial and operational resources and other relevant circumstances. You should take such independent investigations and such professional advice as you consider necessary or appropriate for such purpose. Past performance is no indicator of future success.

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