Stocks and Shares ISA

An easy way to invest free from UK tax

ISAs or Individual savings accounts are an ideal way for most people to invest as they offer generous tax benefits and allow you to access your money when you want. When you invest in an ISA you pay no further tax on any income earned or any gains when you sell your investments.

You get an ISA allowance each year which runs out on the 5th of April - for the 2018/19 tax year your allowance is £20,000. You can invest this as one lump sum or smaller amounts but must remember that once the tax year is over if you have not used all your allowance you will lose it.

Stocks and shares ISAs also offer great flexibility; you can access your money when you need it. When you withdraw money from your ISA you don’t pay any tax which means you get to keep all of the income and investment growth you’ve made.

You will benefit from...

Annual Allowance

The maximum contribution into your 2018-19 ISA is £20,000, the end of the tax year is the 5th April, which is the deadline to use your allowance.

IHT Benefits

ISA funds can be passed onto you spouse free from IHT.

Income and gains made are free of any tax

An ISA account is free from both capital gains tax (CGT) and income tax. Dividends are tax-free under the new dividends allowance, you don't pay any income tax on interest from corporate bonds in an ISA.


Bed and ISA transactions allow you to sell existing investments that you are holding outside of your ISA and then buy the same investments back within your ISA, or choose other investments, or simply hold the cash within your ISA.

Simple and Flexible

A Stocks and shares ISA is effectively a ’tax wrapper’ that can be put around a wide range of different investment products. It is essentially how different investments held within the ISA are treated for tax purposes. For example, any investment growth or interest earned within the ISA is free of tax.

Lots of different types of investment can be held in an ISA, including:

  • unit trusts
  • investment trusts
  • exchange-traded funds
  • individual stocks and shares
  • corporate and government bonds
  • OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies).

Invest up to £20,000

You can transfer any cash ISAs or investment ISAs (stocks & shares ISAs) you have with other providers to Pello Capital.

Transferring ISAs from previous tax years doesn’t impact your current ISA allowance at all, so you can still put up to £20,000 into an ISA this tax year. However, if you want to transfer an ISA you’ve paid into this tax year, you have to transfer the whole amount, and it will count towards this year’s ISA allowance.


Open a Stocks and Shares ISA

This application form is for private clients wishing to apply for an execution only trading service. This type of account is designed for individual investors that wish to execute transactions without any investment guidance. We are required by the FCA to classify our customers and you will be classified as a Retail Client.

We will therefore limit the notifications or promotions you receive regarding high risk and complex products.

Pello Capital’s investment service offers clients control over their investments, with the additional benefit of having a highly experienced market professional on hand to offer a stock picking service and guide you on your investment decisions.


Choose from a universe of funds, shares, investment trusts and more to build your portfolio.

  • You're in control of what you buy and sell
  • Open your account online
  • Start your account with £1,000 or more

Why Choose Us

The private client broking team at Pello is dedicated to providing the best available service. Our clients are comprised of a broad mix of new and experienced investors, small and medium-sized businesses and financial firms. The team provides a variety of services including execution-only, stockpicking and wealth management. Products include UK and International equities, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), SIPPs and ISAs. We also have specialist in-house traders covering other derivatives, structured products and high yield debt instruments.





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