Pello Capital was founded in London, by Londoners. It is our city and we strive to make it better. In 2016 London accounted for 23% of the total number of rough sleepers in the UK. People become homeless for so many different reasons but in a recent survey only 13% of people felt enough was being done to tackle homelessness.

Many people are “chronically” homeless as they have been sleeping rough for over a year or have complex care needs. But how does they regain a place back in society? How do they find a job with no fixed address or bank account? How do they communicate with the rest of the world? How do we make it stop?

“No fixed abode” is the common term for somebody who is homeless. But, to apply for a job, open a bank account, apply for income support or even receive a letter you need an address. A hostel or Job Centre may offer to let someone temporarily use their address to receive post but this puts additional strain on an already overstretched system and isn’t a long term solution.

The goal of the Oratio Project is to create a self sufficient eco system for the homeless in London. We repurpose existing technology to create a unique donation and payment solution to allow every homeless person in London to collect contactless donations instantly and spend any contributions with verified Oratio Merchants. The solution is low cost, transparent, immediately deployable and crucially empowers the entire London community to work towards getting homeless people back into society.

Accessing traditional banking for those with no fixed address is sadly not possible. Due to the identity verification requirements it poses too high a risk for banks to offer even a basic bank account. The Oratio Project stops asking how to solve this problem and poses a new question; what matters most to those living on the streets? Food, shelter, hygiene essentials and everything else that we take for granted. Thats why Oratio Merchants are all businesses that offer these good and/or services. Donations can only be spent at Oratio Merchants ensuring that money goes where it is needed and also supporting small businesses in our London Communities.

The project is powered by community. By using hostels as primary distribution centres we can give immediate access to a contactless card for any homeless person in London through a free and lightweight 90 second onboarding process. A survey in 2016 found that 95% of homeless people have mobile phone and 80% of those are smart phones. Once onboarded that person is able to access their profile using their contactless card and password as an identity key. They can add details about their story, their care needs or anonymously communicate to those who have helped in their journey back to normality. No phone? No problem. An Oratio card doesn’t need charging, it doesn’t need connectivity and its made from environmentally friendly recycled plastics.

We want you to be able to make a difference. To actively help alleviate the plight of homelessness in London. The Oratio Project allows any person to onboard a homeless person within seconds and nominate the nearest local shelter as a collection address. This requires a selfie and a unique passphrase to ensure security but reduce friction. As an individual, you can use any mobile payment including ApplePay and GooglePay to make a donation to anyone whilst seeing their key details including their current balance and biography.

Key Features

  • Low-cost immediate deployment available to every homeless person in London.
  • Facial recognition security for donations and spending
  • No AML or KYC requirements so anyone can be given access to receive and spend contactless donations.
  • Donations can only be redeemed at Oratio Merchants for verified goods and/or services.
  • A transparent network that can expand to job opportunities, mental health and wellbeing communities and key skill training.
  • A simple interface for oversight to see how donations are being claimed and used.


The Oratio project is a privately funded initiative by Pello. The technology is built, funded and maintained within The Pello Group and will be deployed over a period of 6 months to ensure stability and scalability.

Ultimately, The Oratio Project will offer free access to contactless donations and purchasing to the over 10.7k homeless people in London and if successful to other communities within England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

April 15th 2021 - The Oratio Project’s birthday. Today we launch the first ever contactless eco system exclusively for homeless people in London.

May 2021 - Pilot Scheme launched at selected shelters in London. Immediate app and technology deployment to allow people to onboard and begin accepting contactless donations and exchanging these for accommodation at Oration Merchant Shelters.

June 2021 - Onboarding of Oratio Merchants to allow spending of contributions at a wider network of vendors including but not limited to sustenance, clothing, grooming and essential goods.

August 2021 - Mass public distribution to every homeless person in London via accredited shelters.

September 2021 - Open onboarding matrix allowing any public user to onboard a person onto Oratio using IOS, Android or web platforms.

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